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Jim Corbett National Park is one of the popular tourists stops in India. Giving shelter to around 180 estimated number of tigers for whom the national park was established eight decades back in Kumaon, Uttarakhnad. Not only this, the national park of India is also home to exotic variety of flora and fauna. Jim Corbett who dreamt of securing the imperilled Bengal Tigers was the key force behind the establishment of the park. Spread over 521 square kilometres of wilderness area Corbett Tiger Reserve is first choice of wildlife travellers coming to India.

Here we discuss some of the staying patterns with regard to Corbett Travel in India this year. Its vacation season and we being a trusted travel community with expert tour leaders, has identified some staying preferences based on information shared by our satisfied travelers. With our customized standard tour packages we offer everything for your entire stay in Corbett. We consider all measures to prepare the list of best hotels in Corbett to make your stay memorable. Let’s take a quick glance to some of the budget Corbett Hotels where visitors can stay throughout their visit.

Nadiya17Nadiya Parao Corbett is stand out resort amongst the latest lodgings options that come up in the region of Corbett Tiger Reserve and is a pleasure to stay at. Located on the bank of river Kosi, all the rooms at this lodging are extremely extensive and have decent construction modelling. Snuggled within the tranquil surroundings of dense forest, this resort promises you captivating experience and ultimate luxury. This four star property is perfect for holiday vacation with exclusive space for the entire family of group.


Corbettanandaamod5Corbett Anand Aamod is another contemporary wildlife resort, located in the vicinity of the Jim Corbett National Park. This three star property is sprawl over several acres of landscaped area and equipped with all ultra-modern facilities. One of the most appealing resort of the Corbett offers 53 well appointed rooms divided as Standard Rooms, Executive Room, Rajasthani and Private Cottages. It gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate your mind and body in ultimate privacy far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Apart from the above two mentioned resort there are many riverside resort situated at the outer edge of the Corbett National Park. Their standard vary from two-star to five star blessed with much –needed luxury during your stay. Some of them can be named as Corbett Jungle Treasure Resort, Corbett Tusker Trail, Aahana Resort Corbett and Samsara. These all resort are great in comfort and convenience.

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It is said that Sikkim is a land of superlatives and dramatic contours, with its rugged mountains, deep valleys, rich culture and immaculate environment. The wonderful Himalayan land is tucked away in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas and is unrivalled in scenic beauty. A tiny jewel of Indian state called Lachen Lachung where there are many worlds to discover & explore, as you travel from Hindu Sacred places to Buddhist Monasteries, or amazing trek alpine meadow to gushing waterfall, visiting cities and villages along the way. The place is heaven for those who are nature as well as culture lovers.

Travellers may ask for the package details simply by filling the query form on the website or sending us your expected date of your travelling along with your valid E-mail Id. Company exert tour operators will get you back within 24 hours with feasible solution of your dreamed vacation. So the small hamlet is waiting for you to be discovered and explored. There are numerous of tourist attractions in Lachen Lachung village of Sikkim.

Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National has been retaining the attention of wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts for a long time. Named in the honor of famous hunter cum conservationist of those time Jim Corbett, the park is one of the finest tiger habitats in India. Spread in over 500 square kilometers and together with the neighboring wildlife sanctuary & Reserve Forest areas; forms Corbett Tiger Reserve covering about 1200 Sq. Kms.

If nature’s beauty attracts you and you love to see tigers, elephants, deer then Corbett Tour packages would be a great treat to yourself. Corbett Holiday Tour Package is much popular among vivid traveler, especially in winter but it’s never a bad time for a Corbett trip and tourism visit the area in large number while the park remains open from November to June.

Major Attractions of the Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park offers plethora of wildlife attractions along with stimulating adventure activities. Please go through this article quickly to make your trip unforgettable as we are depicting here some of the major activities and hot destinations that one can enjoy in & outside the park. Though the star attraction of the Jim Corbett National Park and wildlife sanctuary is Royal Bengal Tiger, which is endemic to this region. Its pride privilege of the oldest national park of Asia is that Corbett Tiger Reserve has the highest density tiger area in the landscape. Let us have a quick look over the major places and adventure activities before you dream for a great vacation in Corbett.

Dhikala: The tour to Corbett is incomplete without visiting Dhikala Tourism Zone. It is Situated 37 Km from Dhangarhi gate, the place is one of the well known tourist destination in Corbett. If you want to enjoy the true jungle experience then Dhikala would be the best option. It is among the few national parks in India that allows night stay in the heart of the Jungle. Dhikala is at the border of the extensive Patil Dun valley from where Ramganga River flows in different channels. It offers outstanding panoramic view of the valley along with Kanda. Government forest lodges are built inside the park where you can make night stay.

Garjia Temple: Thousands of devotees come here across the globe every year and pay their visit to this holy temple. It is situated 14 kilometers away from the Ramnagar city on the way to Ranikhet. This amazing temple lies amidst the flowing river Kosi. There is a huge rock in the middle of the river which has been named as Garjia Devi.

Excursion in open Jeep: Game drives in open safari vehicles are the best way to explore the wilds. You can choose to be accompanied by our expert naturalist or a wildlife photographer and augment your experience or divide your stay by spending a night at one of the park lodges for a true jungle experience. Reveal in a full or half day adventure safari in Corbett National Park, the game reserve that has the greatest diversity of wildlife in India.  Even an hour in wildlife paradise will give a rewarding experience and this can be said to be true of India’s greatest wildlife sanctuary. Game viewing from open safari vehicles in the park is one of the ultimate safari experiences in Corbett.

Nature Trek: Nature walk in and around Jim Corbett National Park gives you a close brush with the life in the wilds. Nature trek is the great outdoor creation which fulfills many of our basic criteria of wildlife tourism. Fortunately, Corbett is blessed with all the natural bounties one can think of. If you are in a group then nothing could be a better way to unravel the beauty of Corbett through bare eyes.

Our wildlife team specializes in customizing itineraries based on the wildlife interest and adventure quotient of our guests. So do not hesitate ask for the well organized tour packages.

4083086843_db74b18300_bHere is pretty good news for tiger lovers and wildlife conservationists. The population of big elusive cats has increased in India from 1,706 in 2011 to 2,226 in 2014. What we had observed in the previous few years, a rise in poaching activities has emerged as a serious threat to endangered species, compelling the government as well as reputed private companies to join their hands and come up with some strict measures to stop the prevailing trend. The population had dipped to an alarming 1,411 in 2006 but has improved a lot since then As a result of mass awareness and conservation measures; a Tiger population has rebounded showing remarkable growth of 30% in the past three years.

3308765708_0ef718bfe1_bUnion environment and forest minister Prakash Javadekar, released the new tiger census report and termed it as a Success story for all of us. It is a matter of pride that while tiger population is falling in the world, it is rising in India. We can now proudly say that most of the tigers in the world are presently residing in India. We must feel proud of our legacy that 70 percent of world’s tigers are now in India. To complete this huge success story around 9,735 cameras were used in the estimation and applying the refined methodology of doubling sampling that has recorded an increase in cat’s population. He stated that never before such an exercise has been taken on large scale where we have collected unique photographs of 80% of the Indian tiger.

National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) carries out the tiger census after a gap of every three years in the country. If we look to the 2011 tiger census figure, the tiger population was estimated as 1,706 (i.e. fluctuating between a range of 1,571 to 1,875). This was the result published by the forest department from 17 states having major tiger population.

Karnataka being the most fortunate state has the highest number of tigers between the age group of 1.5 years and more, stated in the latest census. The state is now blessed with the 408 tigers in that age group whereas 340 tigers in the reserved forests of Uttarakhand , 308 tigers in Madhya Pradesh, 229 in Tamil Nadu, 190 in Maharashtra, 167 in Assam, 136 in Kerala and 117 tigers in Uttar Pradesh. [Times of India]

Machli, which is the senior most tigresses in Ranthambore – may have lost her one eye in a fight with another super star of the jungle. Though it is yet to be confirmed by the officials but this incident has raised big concerned among the wildlife fraternity. With her growing age she is getting weaker and weaker so, she has decided to leave her own territory and shifted herself to Amba Ghati that is known as comfort and safe zone for old tigers and tigresses.

As per the officials Machli is the most photographed tigress in the world and is now more than 17 years old which is 3-4 years above than the normal age of a tiger. Now she is avoiding herself entering into the core area just to escape any conflict with young and strong cats. An officer quoted that, she might have fought with Sultan (T-72) – born to the tigress Noor who is looking for his own territory. Minor injuries on her legs have been found. Her red and swollen eyes give strength to suspects that she has lost one of her eyes while fighting with Sultan.

The officer of the forest department further quoted that the news of fight is yet to be endorsed. And if that actually has taken place, then most probably Machli have been attacked by the Sultan. Knowing the fact that she is in her last days and this brutal fight between both the tigresses might have worsened her condition.

Machli does not need any more introduction as she is prized tigress of the Ranthambore National P ark. A number of short films and documentaries film have been made on her complex behavior. She has been awarded with TOFT Lifetime Achievement Award for her immense contribution to the nation’s effort of conserving tigers and Rajasthan economy. Due to popularity of Machli in national and international fronts the economy of Rajasthan raised by $10 million as per the reports suggested by TOFT. Postal cover was issued on her last September. Hats off to the proud mother of seven litters and giving such an incredible contribution to the increasing number of tigers in the country. Though, she has become old but her legendry contest with 14 foot crocodile will be remembered on every occasion. She has been queen of jungles and will always remain so.

It is indeed a very pleasant task for the team of Global Tourism India to inaugurate a new website on Bandhavgarh National Park. We feel proud on becoming the fraternity of thousands of satisfied leisure and business travelers spread across the country and globe. The credit goes to our senior officials and experts who are involved in imparting the broad information on vast wildlife of Bandhavgarh National park. They provided the initiative platform since its launch, we would like to thank for the support that made this work possible. We are very much delighted to present our new section that takes you to the nature tours. Since many years our attractive tour packages has been taking curious travelers to wonderful locations where they can observe the world’s famous wildlife species and natural phenomena. We always try to make your travel experience educational that enrich and enlighten you. We are proud to mention that over 90% of our satisfied travelers always insist to travel with us again and refer their friends also. We would like to thank our return travelers who believed in our service. Those who have not travelled with us we look forward to welcome you on our new portal

The new selection of our websites is fully dedicated to wildlife and nature lovers that purport to be concerned about the complex behavior of the tigers. It is very much informative, not exhaustive at all at point of time. Most likely you will find additional links on the home page that will take you to another informative site. We have tried to plant some level of interest in tiger conservation. Before your actual visit to the park, go through the elaborated listings on our home page that will definitely make you smart traveler. The information in thumbnail descriptions is provided by our experts who regularly visit to the national parks of India like Bandhavgarh and others. We have highlighted some tour packages that are according to your budget and convenience. Please go through the website for more information, we would be delighted to hear from you.


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Jim Corbett National Park is a preeminent national park of India which has been attaining so much of admiration from the wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts coming from different part of the country and the world. It is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The park enjoys the status of the first national park in Asia. Being the legendary national park of India with a rich bio-diversity and tiger reserve area, Corbett was established by the famous British hunter Jim Corbett.

Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas and Shivalik ranges, Jim Corbett is synonym to escapade. One can enjoy here ample of hair rousing activities such as safari, fishing and angling, bridge slithering and river rafting. Nature welcomes you in the superlative blend of loveliness, adventure, wildlife and fun.

Adventure Activities We Can Do in Jim Corbett:
It is truly said by Bertrand that Life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying. So adventure is worthwhile in itself. Be brave and take risks because nothing can substitute experience that you gain during adventure holidays. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and gives you an opportunity to revive your body and mind with new energy, joy and passion. First of all thanks to nature for blessing us with such a beautiful serene ambiance where our soul can rest in a peace. Corbett offers an array of stimulating adventure activities. Read carefully to make your trip unforgettable as we are depicting here some of the major activities that one can enjoy in the park.

Fishing and Angling:
Corbett National Park has two rivers viz. Ranganga and Kosi that offers an ample of opportunities for this wonderful experience of fishing and angling. Despite the fact that Corbett National Park is known for varied wildlife and rich-biodiversity, it is the most ideal place for fishing also. These two rivers flow by Corbett and provide anglers many options to choose from, like you can easily find Goonch, Silver and Black Masheer. You need to obtain permit from forest officials before you go for this recreational adventure. The ideal months for fishing in Corbett begin from the month of October and lasts at the end of May.

River Rafting:
River rafting in Jim Corbett National Park  is full of thrills and excitement. You can cruise through some of the beautiful terrains of the Himalayas. There are so many wonderful things to make your rafting expedition worth and memorable. Clean beaches, boulder studded rapids, convergence of rivers, deep gorges and few of the most admired temple towns are going to excite you. This can be enjoyed in Corbett in the monsoon season only. Before you go on rafting you need to learn some rules and follow guidelines. Skilled guide and modern equipments will be provided to make your voyage wonderful.

Bridge Slithering:
This wonderful activity is a most popular adventure activity of the Corbett that is preferably done in the Kosi River. In this activity, you slide from a bridge into the river with the help of a rope. You might have watched this amazing activity in many boll wood movies, in the same manner adventurer jumps from the Jhoola Bridge into the river and a supporting staff waits for adventurer below the bridge. You are advised to take extra clothes as it needs to change while performing this activity.

Nature Trek:
If we are going on a nature trek it fulfills many of our basic criteria for what makes good outdoor creation. The dense forest of Jim Corbett has been blessed with all the natural bounties which one can think of. Nothing could be a better way to explore the hidden mystery of Corbett than going on a nature trek. Its incredible environment and lush green landscapes is best suited for your holidays to relax and have fun. Enjoy an uninterrupted nature walk with the pace of nature and stop whenever you find something interesting. This is what the real beauty the trek is. Do not panic because you are accompanied by the knowledgeable naturalist, who breaks the silence of jungle time to time and discloses the charms and astonishments.

The sacred land of India is equipped with an amazing topography that encompasses varied wildlife, mountains, plains, deep forests and many raging rivers. The most important India is one of the ten most forest-rich countries in the world that serve a natural home to an enormous variety of flora and fauna. As a result many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries have come in to existence in order to conserve and preserve the wildlife species. Here we take you through one of the oldest national park of India as it offers enchanting experience of observing undomesticated wildlife in its natural dwellings.  Jim Corbett National Park is the most popular wildlife destination in India. The park has been blessed with all the natural bounties which one can think of. Jim Corbett was a legend british hunter in this region who played a major role in its establishment. Since its inception in the year 1936, Corbett has been a great eco tourism destination for foreign travelers and the tourists coming from different part of the country for a long time. The place is natural paradise for wildlife lover and adventure seekers. Let us spend a week in the sub-Himalayan belt and explore the exhilarating terrain, streams and rivers and wildlife in this natural land. Do not miss the opportunity of gazing the wilderness of the park by your naked eyes in an open jeep safari. That’s all Natural!! Come and unravel the hidden mystery as the land awaits you…

  1. Jim Corbett National Park: Welcome to one of the oldest national park of India. The place is well-known for its diverse flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes and dense forests.  It is the first tiger reserve under the project tiger in India. You can enjoy not only jungle rides in the open jeep, the tracing of tigers but you can also spot leopards, elephants, boars, deers, Himalayan palm, monkey, langur and black bear here.
  2. Corbett falls: This is the amazing nature gifts to you in the form of silvery streams waterfalls cascading down rugged mountains in the midst of lush green deep forest. Imagine the murmur sound of the silent water in between the chirping of birds.
  3. Corbett Museum: This magnificent and amazing museum is the place where Jim Corbett used to live in winter. The museum has vast collection of Jim Corbett’s Corbett’s personal articles like Gun, Cap, Bag, Fishing Net, jeep, Sketches, Paintings, Manuscripts and the last hunting by him.
  4. Kosi River: Kosi the sacred river forms the eastern boundary of the Jim Corbett considered as the lifeline of the park. Wild animals of the park use it for drinking. You can spot them on the bank of river frequently.
  5. Garjia Devi Temple: This temple is dedicated to goddess Parvati, worshipped as Garjia Devi – the daughter of the Himalayas. This temple is a popular pilgrimage site where devotees of both Garjia Devi and Baba Bhairon come to worship.

Unlock the doors of diverse wildlife with your beloved ones to scout the exquisiteness of the natural world.

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Jim Corbett National Park is one of the major tourist’s attractions in India for a long time. Lot of travelers from different part of the country and world come here to revive their body and mind. Corbett is a paradise for adventure seekers and wildlife lovers. So why not, it is the first national park of India who enjoys the status of top national park and being maintained by the world wildlife forum. The park gives you an opportunity to see the varied wildlife species of Jungle with the bare eyes proximity. The park is named after the legend hunter Jim Corbett who is behind the establishment of this tiger reserve. The park came in to existence in 1936 to protect the endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger. The rich wildlife diversity of the park includes more than 600 species of birds, fifty species of mammals and twenty five species of reptiles. More than 70,000 visitors come the park from India and other countries to rest in a serene ambiance and splendid landscaped of the park.

If you have thought to make your holiday more exciting and thrilling on the roar land of Royal Bengal Tiger, then Corbett Reserve is a definitely your right choice. You can enjoy a plethora of diving options amidst nature furthermore with existence of various safari zones, which provides a gateway to unwind the hidden mystery of the Corbett National Park. These safari zones are divided in to five zones which are also called the buffer area of the park.

Enjoy Canter and Elephant Safari in Dhikala Zone: Dhikala is the most popular zone among the tourists coming to Corbett National Park. Canter safari is the best way to explore the varied wildlife resources of the park. Make direct contact with the lush green landscape and tiger of the Jim Corbett as you are experiencing the excellent jungle Safari. Elephant Safari is another popular way to make encounter with the scenic beauty of the roaring jungle. Without the interruption of the vehicle sound, under the direct sky, the elephant safari is a wonderful experience that takes you to the approach of the thrilling with the first ray of the sun.

corbett jeep safari

You can also explore the richness of flora and fauna with the Jeep safari that unfolds the beauty of the National Park in India. These wildlife safari’s offers delight moment for wildlife photographers and adventure lovers. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city the Corbett jeep safari takes you to the journey of the different world that is still untouched by modern technology. Immerse yourself in the rustic natural beauty of the park. At the end of the Safari you will come to know that basic wilderness is still alive in the Jim Corbett National Park and it is a place to keep coming back.

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