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Most Picturesque Scenery In India Rajasthan My Favorite Touring Destination

Most Picturesque Scenery In India Rajasthan My Favorite Touring Destination

February 20, 2012 12:22 am16 comments

Personally, I really love travelling and visiting different places of the world. Even, I can call that I am simply crazy about travelling indeed. Because of my traveling craze, I plan tours for me and my family after every six months or so, or whenever I get some time, I pack my luggage and all set for a new travel to new land. In the list of my favorite traveling spots, Rajasthan and its nearby areas have a great importance as I am a person who loves Indian culture and rituals. That culture and its fragrance can be sensed in Rajasthan Tour India easily.

hawamahal in jaipur So, I remember, when I was planning for a tour to Rajasthan, I had asked for advice or suggestions from some of my friends and in response, they have bring such a fantastic idea about this amazing land and its beauty. Apart of it, to get full advantage of touring in Rajasthan, they have suggested a wonderful platform, which have given all necessary assistance and help while my tour as well. Yes, that time Rajasthan tour India has proved a true boon for my Rajasthan tour.

While planning this tour, I come to know several things about Rajasthan and its worth visiting spots or cities. In these cities, my friend has suggested Udaipur, Jaipur and Pushkar on priority. My friend who is a photographer by profession, has told me that Udaipur is having a complete royal feel and a visitor can taste aristocratic life by visiting or spending some time here, and believe me, all her sayings have proved an amazing truth of my life. After visiting Udaipur, now it was Pushkar which is a splendid and a religious place and I feel true peace and calmness in the atmosphere of

In Pushkar, I have met several otherpushkar in rajasthan visitors and it seems, the beauty fragrance has spread up everywhere across the world. But, along with favorable and pleasant moments, there have been some disappointing things as well, so better be careful from such things. In these disappointing things, I must consider those people who offer some flowers and asks for money in return, which is truly a fraud in my esteem. So, using some alertness, Pushkar is such a wonderful place to roam around.

Now, the turn for Jaipur has come and about Jaipur and its beauty, who is not familiar with, so I already have so many romantic views and spectrum about Jaipur visit, and truly, Rajasthan tour India has helped me a lot in making my tour more splendid and awesome.

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