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Safari Tour

Feb-27-2013 By admin

Hello friends after a long interval today I am going to discuss an another type of tour. So far we already discuss about Art Tour, Bus Tour, Backpacking and Hiking Tour. Our today’s topic is Safari Tour. I think you already know about safari tour, this type of tour is mainly famous in India and African Countries.

Usually the safari means to hunt animals in their natural habitat or to explore them. But now a day hunting is not allowed especially in Indian National Parks. The only activity that one can do these days is to explore or observe animals in their natural habitat.  But the safari tour belongs to explore an certain area by a means of tour.

Types of safari tour which are famous:

  1. Camel Safari Tour
  2. Elephant Safari Tour
  3. Jeep Safari Tour
  4. Canter Safari Tour
  5. Boat Safari or Boat Ride Tour

Camel Safari Tour – Its one of the most famous safari tour in India. This type of safari tour is normally only organized in Rajasthan. This is also known as the desert land in India. As we already know that Camel is also known as ship of desert. Through camel safari tourist can visit the ruler areas and villages of Rajasthan.

Elephant Safari Tour – It is mainly famous to explore the deep forest and this means of safari is subject of eagerness among children. This means of safari tour is normally organized in every national parks of India expect some where elephants are not found as Ranthambore National Park.

Jeep Safari Tour – As the elephant safari it is also generally famous for exploring the wildlife habitat but sometime its also used to explore the natural beauty. In National Parks the safari timing is always fixed and also there are limitation in number to Jeep Safari that entire inside the National Park and all needs to take permit from the forest officials for safari. It’s very popular means among wildlifers, photographers and tourist. As through this means of safari one will easily go inside the deep forest and observe the wild animals.

Canter Safari Tour- Before proceeding its important to make it clear what is canter. Canter is basically aCanter Safari Tour 16 sitter open bus (Three sides open) from which one can easily look outside. Jeep safari and Elephant safari can be enjoyed outside the wildlife reserves as well but this is only conducted in wildlife reserves. It is cost efficient in compare to jeep safari and elephant safari.

Boat Safari or Boat Ride Tour – This type of tour can only be conducted in any rivers. As far as national Park is concern there are some national parks also where Boat Safari also conducted as Sunderban National Park.

Now I am going to end today’s topic if you wanna know any bit more write us or if there is any topic on which you wrote your own article related to tourism. Send us we will make that article live on our platform with you full details to make that available for our readers.

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