Sundarbans National Park is the best destination for wildlife lovers, lies in the biggest delta of world  formed by the confluence  of Brahmaputra, Ganga, Padma and Meghna. Sundarban Itself also biggest mangrove forest of the world. In this national park tourist has opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife both at the same time.

It is said that there are around 300 Royal Bengal Tigers habitat here. Beside just tigers spotted dears, Crocodile, Fishing Cat, Water Monitor lizard, Gangetic Dolphin are spotted here in big margin. As we discussed above about the location of national park, might already gives you idea about the beauty of national park. The flora, that are found here, gives a new edged to the beauty of Sunderbans. In many means of beauty and adventure its an unique wildlife reserve, one will not find that pleasure in any other national park.

Sundarbans is the right, in face the best spot for wildlife lovers, who wants to experience real adventure of mangrove forest. The only way to experience the national park is Boat riding. Once the tourist visit the national park and experience the boat riding, they realize what are they missing or in other word without Sundarbans tour, wildlife tour in incomplete.

October to March is a best time for this ultimate wild destination.  People can get some unique experiences about park. It’s good if you getting organized tour. It would be more comfortable and enjoyable than an unorganized one.  There are numerous hotels and resorts in sundarbans park, those hotels are always ready to welcome you and more tour more enjoyable.

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