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In January 2013 we started a series of posts where we keep you update about the different type of tour popular in the world, due to some reason it could not last long and suddenly we had to postpone our schedule of those posts. Now again, with full preparation, our team is ready to serve you all those pending posts, which will describe you brief intro about different types of tour.

So in the sequence we decided to update you about Bicycle tour. Its one of the most popular and adventures tour among the cycling or biking lovers.  The tour generally means a self conducted trip riding on cycle and normally of over long distance, buy now a day many tour packages providing origination also provides this kind of tour. As it is mentioned in this blog earlier that it is a self conducted tour so it might confused some of you, what is the need to any travel agent or why they make such packages where as it is self conducted?

Bicycling Tour

It obviously a self conducted tour, but the pleasant of the self conducted tour depends on the amount knowledge of the way that you are going to follow. The travel agents who offer this kind of tour packages has each and every thing that one need in such tour.  There are some equipments that good if you have to avoid any discomfort in the tour. The equipments are:

  1. 2 Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus rear panniers, with extra pockets.
  2. 2 Ortlieb Sports Packer Plus front panniers.
  3. 1 Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus bar bag.
  4. 1 Ortlieb Racpack (small size).
  5. 1 Cycle computer.
  6. 1 ‘Post Moderne’ suspension seat post (very useful on East Germany’s cobbled roads!)
  7. 1 ‘Bike Buddy’ bottle cage. Gear note image
  8. 1 Brooks ‘Champion Flyer’ saddle
  9. Personal Kit
  10. 2 prs Padded cycling shorts .
  11. 2 Cycling tops.
  12. 2 prs Cycling socks.
  13. 1 pr Cycling shoes.
  14. 1 Cycle helmet
  15. 1 Gore-Tex helmet cover.
  16. 1 pr Ron Hill Bikesters.
  17. 1 Gore-Tex Paclite waterproof top.
  18. 1 pr Gore-Tex Paclite waterproof over trousers.
  19. 1pr Waterproof cycling overshoes.
  20. 1pr Gore-Tex socks (great for keeping the feet dry).
  21. 1 Pertex top (Callange).
  22. 1 pr Cycling gloves. Gear note image
  23. 1 pr Waterproof cycling gloves.
  24. 1 pr Cycling sun glasses (Rudy Project – Wizaard).Gear note image
  25. 1 pr Zip off trousers.
  26. 1 Short sleeve shirt.
  27. 3 Handkerchiefs
  28. Underwear
  29. Swimming costume
  30. Wash kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, razor, soap etc.)
  31. 1 medium sized light weight travel towel (we have tried several types but found the Lifeventure Trek Towels to be the best).
  32. 1 Fleece top.
  33. 1 lightweight insulated jacket – useful for cold evenings and doubles up as an extra pillow at night.
  34. Watch.

The travel agent pre arranged all these things for the tourist. Not only this they arranged meal and the other necessary things that one need during the tour.

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