Those who wish to see the most interesting and hidden chapters of nature’s book should opt for Sikkim tour India. Although, Sikkim is not a big Indian state, yet it has attractive treasure of nature for which world tourists love visiting this place in time. So, if you are really interested to get to Sikkim and explore unseen treasure of this place, then get Kalimpong, Lava, Loleygaon weekend tour which is designed in such a way that one can have full visit of Sikkim adventure in limited time period Its best tour destination in India Tourism.

This is a short tour that starts from Kalimpong in the beginning and lasts at Bagdogra airport. The place Kalimpong is famous for nurseries and orchids which are located at the Himalayas foothills. It is actually a green place at 1243 meter altitude and is known for Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. In this place, tourists can enjoy sightseeing of picturesque hill area, Pine View point, Kalim temple, Durpin Hill, Dr. Graham home complex and Chitra Bhanu & Kalim Temple.

After spending a long and interesting day in Kalimpong, the journey continues to other fascinating locations Loleygaon which also offers amazing breath taking scenery of appealing sunrise near Mt. Kanchenjunga, the great Everest, Pandim and Kabru. After this spectacular visit, the journey reaches to its last destination which is Lava. The place Lava is just at 12 km away from Loleygaon and seriously very attractive. There are many things that attract world tourists to come and spend their holidays at this place.

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