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In Sikkim Tours, Darjeeling has special place. It has great tourism potential. It offers a glimpse to heavenly beauty through snow capped perennial mountains, tropical forests, lush green fields, exquisite streams, rich fauna and flora. The city Darjeeling is located in the north eastern part of India and at south side of state Sikkim. It serves magnificent ambience and heart throbbing climate that positively enhance the overall charm of Darjeeling Tour Package. The verdant valleys and hills of Darjeeling steep in different colors that intersperse to attractive rolling tea gardens. Travelers from various parts of the world visit Darjeeling for witnessing all beautiful elements along with Mt. Kanchenjunga which is known as world’s third highest mountain. Overall, Darjeeling offers everything that can encourage tourists to visit this place again and again in their lifetime. Due to such reasons, Darjeeling has such a powerful place in Sikkim tourism.

Nature Seems To Be Alive In Darjeeling: It is true that Darjeeling owes its actual glory from nature. Wide existence of natural elements has contributed greatly to enhance the beauty of this place. Being amidst the mountains, the air in this place is fresh and soothing. Native people of this place have smiling faces that make entire environment more refreshing and enchanting.

The time of sunrise in Darjeeling seems to provide magnificent experience to world. Riding around 5 kms from Ghum, there is Tiger Hill. It is a famous place in Darjeeling. The air in this place is quite chilly and mostly there is damp or darkness. Seeing emerging sun in the sky from its east side furnishes amazing strokes of golden, fuchsia, orange and magenta. From that point, one can have a view of other famous mounts like Kanchenjunga, Everest, Jannu, Kabru and so on. The sight of such astonishing factors is certainly a rare experience to grab.

Darjeeling Offers Attractive Tracks To Trekkers: Being first hilly area of India, Darjeeling is a place with amazing potential for trekking. Firstly, in 1840 Dr. Hooker organized trekking in this region. Attractive sights of Kanchenjunga and Everest allure numerous nature enthusiasts and world trekkers to visit Darjeeling from all over the world. Trekking in Darjeeling can be organized in high as well as low areas due to its geographical condition and biodiversity.

Though, there are several famous treks in Darjeeling, but the Singalila range is one of the most popular treks in this place. It is located at area of high altitude and it starts from Maneybhanjang and leads to other spectacular points like Meghma, Gairibas, Toughu, Phalut and Sandakphu. This trek lasts via roots of Rimbick, Bijanbari or Ramman to Darjeeling.

For trekking, it is advisory to plan on right time. For ideal trekking experience in Darjeeling, the most suitable time would be April to May or from October to November. While being on trekking in Darjeeling, it would be great that you carry your personal provisions only to avoid discomfort or problems. One can buy easily trekking equipment from travel agencies.

Thus, we see how attractive Darjeeling visit actually is and if you feel that you should also experience all what you have read about this place, then we suggest you to visit Darjeeling only in March to May or in September to November. These months are the best for Darjeeling Tour Package.

For reaching here, tourists can get to airways. The flights are available from Calcutta to Bagdogra. Bagdogra is very close to Darjeeling. If you don’t want airway, then you can reach here via railway. The nearest railway station of Darjeeling is Siliguri. Apart of it, Darjeeling can also be accessed by roadways.

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